Cigent can encrypt files that can then be sent securely through an email. To decrypt an emailed file, both users must be added to the file. 

A user must have an account with Cigent to be able to decrypt a file. This user does not have to have a subscription. A non-Cigent user can be invited to create an account through Cigent.

Adding a User to a File:

This will demonstrate User 1 (Cigent user, tony@tinyco.com) adding User 2 (non-Cigent user, danwold1234@gmail.com) to a document.

User 1:

Open Cigent.

Select My Account.

Select the Keys Tab and the add Users button.

Type in the email of user 2.

If User 2 is not a Cigent User, select invite. If they are a Cigent user, select Add.

Navigate to the document to be shared. Right click on the file and select View/Edit with Cigent.

Note: You may need to select 'Show More Options' if you are on Windows 11.

Select Add User.

Select User 2 and click OK.

Select Apply. You will be prompted to put in your pin.


Attach file to Email. Do not select the 'Decrypt File' checkbox

User 2:

A non-Cigent User:

If User 2 is not a Cigent user, they will receive an email to sign up for an account.

Select Activate.

Fill out all the fields and click submit.

Now continue as a Cigent user.

A Cigent User:

Download the encrypted file from the email and sign into the Cigent Management Console.

Drag and drop the encrypted file into the File Decryption section.

Download the decrypted email once it is completed.

You can now open the file as normal.