Opening protected files, unlocking Cigent Secure Drives and making configuration changes all require providing a second factor of authentication. Cigent provides several options with additional enterprise options available in Cigent Plus.


PIN is the default and must be at least 4 numbers in length. Even if you change the primary authentication to something else, you can always switch back to PIN by clicking the keypad icon in the authentication popup.

Authenticator App

Authenticator App enables the use of popular mobile authentication applications from Google, Microsoft, Authy and more. Once configured, application will display a rotating six digit PIN that must be entered into Cigent before it changes ( usually 1 minute. )


Facial Recognition

Both Fingerprint and Facial recognition use the Windows Hello APIs to work. If your system supports either of these options, click the Setup button to complete the configuration via the Hello UI. Once complete, return to Cigent and select Default to change to this form of authentication to be used. Again, you can always use PIN by selecting the keypad in the authentication popup.


Common Access Card/Personal Identity Verification is an identification card issued by a federal agency that contains a computer chip which can be used to identify and validate a user using a PIN stored on the card. A CAC card reader is required and the CAC must be activate and valid.