The Cigent Setting page allows you to customize different aspects of Cigent and Cigent Secure SSD operations. This section is a quick explanation of each setting. Those proceeded with an asterisk(*) are particularly important or useful.

Allow OneDrive to sync locked file without authentication

Allow Dropbox to sync locked files without authentication

Enable these options if you use either of these Cloud File storage solutions and have added an Always On folder being synchronized by these applications.

*Automatically Unlock Cigent Dynamic Secure Drives

Enable to have Cigent automatically unlock(mount) your Dynamic drive (if configured) after system restarts and a threat clears.

*Lock Cigent Dynamic Secure Drives When Threat Detected

Disable this option if you want the Dynamic drive to remain unlocked (mounted) even during a threat state. Note however that files will still be protected by requiring a second factor authentication similar to AlwaysOn files until the threat is cleared.

Show Windows Explorer - Convenience Menu

This setting determines if the right-click convenience menu is active in Windows Explorer. Users can easily add protections to folders using this method.

Trigger Active Lock if your Antivirus becomes disabled

This setting determines if Cigent should engage Active Lock should your AV become disabled. You should ONLY disable this setting if your AV is not detected by Cigent for some reason.

Automatically Start Facial Recognition Scan

When Facial Recognition is being used for authentication, scanning will automatically start when this setting is enabled.

* Use Mini Authentication Popup

When enabled, this setting reduces the size of the popup authentication window and include minimal information. When PIN is enabled, users can type their PIN using the keyboard instead of clicking the numbers using a mouse.