The ability to reset the Cigent PIN was added in version 3.2.1. Prior to 3.2.1 there is no way to reset a PIN without loss of configuration settings ( uninstalling followed by removing Cigent DB files in \users\Public\Cigent. )

So if you are on a version prior to 3.2.1 and you forgot your PIN you need to upgrade to the 3.2.1 or greater to reset it. However, the standard update process requires authentication ( PIN ) before proceeding. This procedure can be used to upgrade Cigent without the PIN while keeping your configurations.

Before starting, sign into the Cigent console ( ) and download the latest version of Cigent.

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Open the Windows Run widget -> Windows Key + R

Enter services.msc and click OK.

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Find and select Cigent D3E in the list of services.

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Click the Stop button. You should see a message from the Cigent Dashboard warning the service is offline.

From Windows Add/Remove programs, find Cigent D3E and click Uninstall

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Follow the prompts to uninstall Cigent then restart Windows.

Double click on the latest version of Cigent you previously downloaded and follow the prompts to install.

After restart, you can follow the “How do I reset my Cigent PIN?” FAQ at