Cigent protects your important file by requiring a second factor of authentication ( PIN, fingerprint, etc ) when accessing the file. The requirement to provide two factor authentication can be dynamic based on Cigents’ network of sensors and integrated third party products. To protect a folder, follow the instructions in the Protecting a Folder article.

You can add a second layer of protection to your files in the form of encryption which will continue to protect your files even if they are moved from your device like a Cloud File Storage location. 

To encrypt all files in a protected folder, simply select the location in the Folder Protection page and select User ( for just yourself ) or Subscription. ( Cigent Plus Only ) Cigent  will encrypt all files in the folder and sub-folders below this location.

Encrypting A Folder:

Open Cigent and select the Folder Protection Page.

Select the folder you would like to encrypt.

Select the level of encryption. You will be prompted to put in your pin to authorize the encryption.

You will receive a notification when the encryption is complete.