Folders can be protected through Cigent or through File Explorer. There are two levels of Folder Protection.

Always On

  • Files remain locked under all conditions.
  • Step-up authentication is required to access each file.
  • Designed for extremely sensitive information.


  • Files are locked only if a threat has been detected.
  • Provides strong protection in a minimally invasive manner - the user is prompted to authenticate only if access to a locked file is attempted.
  • Designed for files that require frequent bulk access like Source code.


Open Cigent.

Open the Folder Protection section.

Select which protection type you would like to add. Choose which folder you would like to encrypt.

Enter your pin to authenticate the folder protection.

If you are logged in, you can choose different encryption levels by selecting the folder.

In File Explorer:

Ensure that the Windows Menu is enabled in the Settings section of Cigent.

Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder you would like to protect. Right click on the folder and select the Cigent 


Note: On Windows 11 you must click 'Show More Options' before the Cigent option will be visible.

You will be prompted to put in your pin to authenticate the protection.