The Data Defense Installer can be found in several locations :

1. On an NTFS partition on most Cigent and partner secure SSDs

2. On the Cigent support site ( Support Sign up required. )

3. On the licenses page of the management console. ( Plus or Select subscription required )

Double click the Data Defense installer executable to begin the installation process.

Note: The name of the installer may be slightly different.

Note: If Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable (x64) package is not already installed, you may be prompted to install it during the installation process. Please follow the simple instructions to complete the install of the package before proceeding.

Review and agree to the listed terms and policies then click Install. Optionally, you can click Advanced Options to change the default installation from C:\Program Files\Data Defense.

Wait for the installation to complete. Click Finish to close the installer.


Click Yes to reboot for Cigent’s changes to take effect.

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After rebooting, Data Defense will automatically start Quick Setup.


Select and enter a 4 to 20 digit PIN twice and click Proceed.


Basic setup is now complete. 

Proceed by adding protection to your data using folder, file type ( subscription required ) or Secure Drive ( supported SSD required. )