1. Double click the Cigent installer executable to begin the installation process. Note: The name of the installer may be slightly different.

Note : If Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable (x64) package is not already installed, you may be prompted to install it during the Cigent installation process. Please follow the simple instructions to complete the install of the package before proceeding.

  1.  Select an installation location, accept the License terms then click Install.


  1. Wait for the installation to complete. Click Finish to close the installer.




  1. Click Yes to reboot for Cigent’s changes to take effect.



After rebooting, the Cigent dashboard with automatically open and request a PIN to be set.


  1. Click Set PIN.





  1. Enter your PIN, click Next.




  1. Re-enter your PIN and click Accept.


  1. If you are currently connected to a network and your network is NOT set to Private in Windows, Cigent will engage Active Lock. If the network is secure, simply enter your PIN and click Enter to add the current network as Trusted. If you are not connected to a network at the time of installation, please just proceed to the next step. Note : Cigent will automatically trust your first network if it is configured as Private in Windows.




  1. If you have an external Cigent Secure SSD inserted or your internal SSD installed, the Quick Secure Drive Setup popup should appear. 






  1. Enter a secure password twice and click Configure Drive to automatically configure the SSD to Cigent default configuration. If you wish to customize the settings, you can click Cancel and configure the drive from the Secure Drives page of the Cigent Dashboard.


  1. Enter your authentication PIN and click Enter to approve the SSD setup.




  1. Note the location of the encrypted password file. This file should be moved to a secure location off of the host for security purposes. Click Close when you are ready.


  1. Once complete, the Cigent dashboard will show the drive letters of the newly created Secure Drives. They are automatically unlocked after setup to allow you to start copying files to them immediately.