Release Date: Feb 23, 2023

Major update

  • New product name - Data Defense(tm)

  • New simplified user interface

  • Expanded file explorer quick access integration

  • Quick setup wizard for new installations

  • File encryption now using 140-2 FIPS validated encryption algorithm 

  • Cigent Pre-boot authentication compatibility

  • Additional languages - Japanese, Korean


Release Date: Aug 30, 2022

Miscellaneous Minor Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fixes] Miscellaneous Minor Bug Fixes

(05-27-2022) Cigent 3.2.4 Now Available

  • [Updated] Miscellaneous Minor Bug Fixes

(05-12-2022) Cigent 3.2.3 Now Available

  • [Updated] Miscellaneous Minor Bug Fixes

(04-08-2022) Console Updates

  • [Added] Security approver user role for approving access to Recovery Key
  • [Added] Cigent threat sensors can be enabled/disabled globally.
  • [Added] Cigent authentication options can be enabled/disabled globally.
  • [Added] Available Update setting in Cigent can be optionally hidden from users.
  • [Added] Forgotten Cigent PIN Reset/recovery process
  • [Added] Japanese and French (Canadian) language support

(04-08-2022) Cigent 3.2.1 Available

  • [Added] Network storage support as protected folders and for accessing encrypted files.
  • [Added] Contacts are automatically backed up and synced with console defined users.
  • [Added] Users can enable/disable Cigent app checking for available updates.
  • [Added] Google Drive and Box as out of the box Safe Apps settings
  • [Updated] Cigent Sign In is now via browser

(02-09-2022) Cigent 3.1.3 Now Available

Our application's name has changed to Cigent. We have also updated our subscription and product offerings. Please visit our fancy new website at www.cigent.com for more information.

(12-08-2021) Cigent D3E 3.0.28 Now Available

  • [Updated] File Decryption page can be used to decrypt D3E encrypted files from any device.
  • [Updated] Users page now supports generating file encryption keys.
  • [Added] New Settings page contains important new administrator options related to Cigent D3E file encryption. Please see the new Cigent Knowledgebase to learn more https://docs.cigent.com

(11-04-2021) Maintenance Window on 2021-11-10 Noon - 2PM EST

On Wednesday, November 10th between noon and 2PM Eastern Standard Time, we will be conducting maintenance on our web console. While you will not be able to login to the web console during this time, your D3E will continue to work normally.

(09-02-2021) Additional language support and new feature preview

The console now supports additional languages including French, German, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. The console will automatically display these languages based on how the browser is configured.

You will also notice several new pages ( File Decryption, Settings ) which are in support of exciting new capabilities soon to be released in Cigent D3E. Until then these pages have no effect on console or D3E operations. It is recommended you leave the settings at their default until the next version of D3E is released.

(04-30-2021) Cigent D3E 2.4.6 Now Available

  • [Added] Cigent K2 features now supported on systems in RAID mode

(04-05-2021) Console Updates

  • [Change] Endpoints replaces Devices page. Policies are now assigned via groups using the Endpoints page. Note, Endpoints can only belong to a single group.
  • [Change] Groups replaces Devices Set. Assign a policy to a custom or Default group. Endpoints will be updated immediately if Connected or upon next contact.
  • [Updated] Licenses page usability improvements. New Get Activation Code feature to upgrade D3E to D3E Premium.

(04-05-2021) Cigent D3E 2.4.4 Now Available

  • [Bug Fix] Secure Drive unlock issue after screen lock
  • Name Change - D3E Personal and D3E Business have been renamed D3E and D3E Premium respectively.
  • [Added] Setting to allow disable automatic locking of Dynamic drive during Activelock
  • [Added] FIPS mode option for Cigent FIPS SSDs
  • [Updated] Command Log - Faster retrieval time and full rescan option

(03-03-2021) Cigent D3E 2.2.10 Now Available

D3E now supports Windows 7 and 8. A single installer provides simplified deployment across all your Windows endpoints.

(01-13-2021) D3E 2.1.7 Now Available

  • [Added] Cigent Secure SSD Quick Setup Wizard
  • [Added] Dell Trusted Device bios monitoring sensor
  • [Added] Secure Drive names can now be edited
  • [Updated] Data Deception threat now displays offending process and filename
  • [Updated] Deception and Untrusted network events now use popout authentication
  • [Updated] Network discovery now only runs on untrusted networks
  • [Updated] Dashboard now notifies if Cigent Service not running or stopped

(01-05-2021) Create additional console administrator and users

You can now create additional users with optional administrator privileges for your account using the new Users page. Enter their basic information like email and name and optionally choose to invite them via email.