The Network Manager system prevents unauthorized network devices from establishing connections to your protected system. Among the many events that will engage Active Lock are:


  • You join a network that has not been previously trusted
  • A network device scans your host for open ports and connects to a Cigent deception port. 
  • An untrusted network device attempts to connect to your device on any port.


Note : This entire section can only be completed if your installation is connected to a network. It does NOT need internet access but simply a valid network IP address.


Untrusting your current network

You can simulate the effects of joining a network that has not previously been trusted by simply untrusting the network on which you are currently connected. This will cause Active Lock to be engaged.

Open Cigent  and select the Networks menu.




Select the active network and click on the Untrust button.

Switch back to the Dashboard. Note that Active Lock is engaged.



Return to the Networks page and click TRUST under your current network. You will need to enter your PIN.



Switch back to the Dashboard page and note that Active Lock is disengaged.