If you forgot your Cigent PIN or exceeded the maximum number of consecutive failed attempts, a PIN reset can be initiated from the Cigent console by an administrator. The process will generate a special one time recovery PIN which needs to be communicated to the end user. Cigent for Windows will prompt the user for the recovery PIN and allow a new PIN to be entered.



  • Cigent Plus subscription
  • Cigent for Windows 3.2.1 or greater ( Earlier versions contact support. )



Login to the console ( https://central.cigent.com ) as an administrator and navigate to the Endpoints page.

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Check the endpoint requiring a PIN reset and click Reset PIN button.

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Verify the hostname in the popup then click Continue.


Copy the Recovery Code using the copy button.

Communicate the Recovery code to the user using a secure communications method.


Shortly after initiating the PIN reset process, the Cigent dashboard will display a message indicating a reset request has been initiated.

Click Reset PIN

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Enter the Recovery PIN provided by the administrator and click Next.


Enter a new PIN and click Next.

Confirm your new PIN and click Accept.


You new PIN is now in effect.